Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alumna Kristen Hite

Alumna Kristen Hite blogs about her current career and what EJF helped to make possible for her:

I went to law school--and Georgetown specifically--because I wanted to pursue a legal career in international environmental law. My first summer I was lucky to land a position working in the UK for the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development and even luckier to have it funded through an EJF grant (London was expensive then too!). This got me started out on the right foot, as I am now working as a climate attorney the Center for International Environmental Law here in Washington DC. Prior to CIEL I had the opportunity to work as an attorney in the international program of Environmental Defense Fund . All of these experiences have reinforced my commitment to promoting a rights-based approach to sustainable development.

My EJF grant let me dip my toes into the waters of international environmental law and I'm delighted to still be swimming. Sine my 1L summer, I have walked the halls of UN negotiations to help secure a just climate treaty and roamed the hills of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to support the rights of traditional communities (featured on the Dan Rather Reports episode "All Mine", available here ). I am grateful to
Georgetown and its support of public interest careers like mine, and EJF
grants are an important part of that support.

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