Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2Ls and 3Ls for One Day

What 2Ls and 3Ls have to say about giving through One Day for Justice.

Kathryn Dyer, 3L - One Day for Justice gave me an opportunity to help out my friends who committed to the path less taken -- the environmental law student, the public defense student, the women's rights advocate -- to have some stability for the summer in a career path with few guarantees. The amount that I gave -- a small amount in the grand scheme of my summer associate salary -- greatly helped my fellow students, who push all summer for a fairer justice system. One Day for Justice is a small way to say thank you to our friends and colleagues for taking the risk to fight the good fight -- that of public interest.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Day for Justice Bake Sale

Stop by the tables in front of the Chapel next week and donate One Day for Justice!

Everyone who pledges one day of their summer pay to EJF to help fund public interest work will get all you can eat baked goods (read: all you can take with two hands and no help or containers, we are trying to raise money after all).

If you aren't making money this summer, or just love baked goods, come by and get some delicious cookies and brownies.

If you're on a diet or hate baked goods, we will also be raffling off some fun prizes, so stop by and help us raise money to support students doing public interest and government work this summer!

There is something for everyone at the One Day for Justice Bake Sale!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1Ls for One Day

How Supporting EJF through One Day for Justice Makes a Difference.

Cynthia Liu, 1L, Section 1: I will be splitting my summer between interning for the U.S. Immigration Court in Arlington, VA, where I will be assisting immigration judges and researching asylum cases, and interning for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, where I will be researching U.S. development initiatives abroad that promote American business interests and export growth. Both my internships are obviously unpaid and thus EJF funding will be giving me a great opportunity to do so much this summer in the government sector which is where I ultimately see myself working.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

1Ls for One Day

How Supporting EJF through One Day for Justice Makes a Difference.

Betsy Gwin, 1L, Section 3 - This summer, I will be interning at the Legal Aid Society of DC, where I will be assisting low-income clients with applications and appeals for public benefits, like Food Stamps and Social Security Disability. Legal aid work is my passion and I am looking forward to reconnecting with my original intentions for attending law school. However, because the internship is unpaid, I could not afford to live in DC and reconnect with my goals without the help of EJF funding. Thanks EJF!

Steven Shapiro, 1L, Section 3 - I am working at the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida. I will be working in the major crimes division, and getting hands-on experience in the carrying out of justice. Further, I will be providing work for the government, and by necessary extension, other Americans. If it were not for EJF, I doubt I would be able to work here, as the job is unpaid.

Olivia Lynch, 1L, Section 1 - I will be working at Las Americas in El Paso, Texas this coming summer. My tasks will include representing unaccompanied minors that cross the border as well as working on U-visa, asylum, and family-based immigration cases. EJF funding is vital for me to be able to take this legal internship, as Las Americas lacks the ability to offer any type of remuneration besides significant legal experience.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Turning in "One Day For Justice" Forms

EJF Applicants --

If you have a completed One Day for Justice form you can turn it in to Kim Matthews in the OPICS office on the 2nd floor of McDonough Hall. OPICS is open 9am-5pm, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and from 9am-8pm on Tuesday.

Remember, a One Day for Justice form is not complete until it has either payment attached or credit card information, it has been signed by the donor, and it includes your name as the "honoree" at the bottom.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alumna Kristen Hite

Alumna Kristen Hite blogs about her current career and what EJF helped to make possible for her:

I went to law school--and Georgetown specifically--because I wanted to pursue a legal career in international environmental law. My first summer I was lucky to land a position working in the UK for the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development and even luckier to have it funded through an EJF grant (London was expensive then too!). This got me started out on the right foot, as I am now working as a climate attorney the Center for International Environmental Law here in Washington DC. Prior to CIEL I had the opportunity to work as an attorney in the international program of Environmental Defense Fund . All of these experiences have reinforced my commitment to promoting a rights-based approach to sustainable development.

My EJF grant let me dip my toes into the waters of international environmental law and I'm delighted to still be swimming. Sine my 1L summer, I have walked the halls of UN negotiations to help secure a just climate treaty and roamed the hills of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to support the rights of traditional communities (featured on the Dan Rather Reports episode "All Mine", available here ). I am grateful to
Georgetown and its support of public interest careers like mine, and EJF
grants are an important part of that support.

Equal Justice Foundation

EJF's Live Auction took place January 29, 2015 in Hart Auditorium and was a HUGE SUCCESS. Check the Facebook page for updates about other ways to help fund public interest activities for Summer 2015