Thursday, August 28, 2008

Environmental Law Institute

Your friendly blog-master, Kym Hunter, writes from Washington DC:

Working at the Environmental Law Institute this summer has been a wonderfully validating experience, showing me that I made the right decision in coming to law school. I loved my 1L year at Georgetown, but nonetheless there were times when I would sit in class and wonder how it was that this British, environmental scientist came to be sitting in class discussing search and seizure rights in the United States. This summer has allayed any former doubts I may have had and shown me just how enabling and empowering a legal education can be.

ELI is an independent, non-partisan education and policy research center located in Washington DC. A host of attorneys focus on a wide range of domestic and international environmental issues, resulting in a wonderfully varied work environment. During my time here I have co-authored a study on marine spatial management in Alaska, assisted in the development of new biodiversity laws for Grenada and St. Vincent, researched a range of issues and laws pertaining to offshore wind energy within the United States, written a memo on nanotechnology and much more besides. Not only have I had the opportunity to research and write about subjects I love this summer, but I have been able to see first hand how my legal education will help me better contribute to the environmental community. The summer has also been a tremendous education. A combination of ELI's summer seminar series and my own research activities have brought me into contact with most of the major environmental statutes and a number of interesting international and state approaches to environmental regulation.

As I plan to work in public interest for my foreseeable career Equal Justice Foundation assistance has been incredibly important this summer, allowing me to pursue my chosen path without being saddled by additional debt. The stipend also sends a clear signal that Georgetown values its public interest students - which is greatly appreciated.

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