Friday, August 29, 2008

Callbacks for Public Service -- Frequently Asked Questions

What are Callbacks for Public Service (CPS)?

CPS is a program where students who have interviews with non-DC firms can help to raise money for EJF. Under this program, a student can stay with friends or family instead of in a hotel. The firm will then donate the money they would have spent on the hotel directly to EJF.

How do I know which firms participate?

Office of Career Services (OCS) has on their website the list of participating firms (PDF).

Callbacks at DC firms are not eligible for this program.

How do I set up the program?

Students should set up this program when they set up their interview for a callback. The school has already sent a letter to all non-DC firms about this program, so a student who is organizing this with their firms can mention the letter sent out by Georgetown's assistant dean.

What do I give to the firm when doing this program?

On the OCS website there is a short form (PDF) that students should give to firms. Firms will then submit this form to OCS.

How can a recipient get hours for this program?

EJF recipients will receive one hour of credit for doing each CPS. Recipients can also get others to do a CPS in their name. There is no maximum number for the number of C'sfPS one can get credit for -- a recipient could take care of all 7 of their hours and give away hours to another recipient.

How does a recipient get credit for each hour?

In order to get credit, a recipient must email the EJF lawmail account ( with (1)their name, (2) date of the CPS, (3) name of the firm and (4) an affirmation that they submitted the form to the firm.

Can non-EJF recipients participate without linking to an EJF recipient?

Of course!! We encourage every and all to participate. This program is a great way for to support EJF and public interest at Georgetown. We appreciate your support.

Will firms mind if I stay with friends instead of at a hotel?

Often firms will view it positively. You've helped raise money for charity and not cost the firm any money while demonstrating your strong connections with their community. And the firms get a tax write-off! Remember, the firms on the list have received a letter from OCS about the program’s details.

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