Friday, August 29, 2008

Callbacks for Public Service -- 1 Callback = 1 EJF Hour

It's callback season and that means Callbacks for Public Service.

A Callback for Public Service (CPS) is a callback where you travel to a city, are offered a hotel room by a firm, and you choose to instead to stay with friends or family. Firms support public service work and EJF by donating to us the money they would have spent on your room. The firm gets a tax write-off, EJF gets a donation and if you're a recipient -- you get an hour of EJF volunteer credit! And if someone wants to do a CPS on your behalf (because they aren't a recipient or because they don't need the hour), that's fine too!

Here's a link to a list of firms who are participating (PDF).

Here's a link to the form you'll need to fill out to do a CPS (PDF).

Here's a link to a list of FAQ's about the CPS program.

And here's the EJF/CPS policy:

"EJF recipients will receive one hour of credit for doing a CPS. Recipients can get others to do a CPS in their name -- similar to One Day for Justice last year. There is no maximum number for the number of C'sPS one can get credit for -- a recipient could take care of all 7 of their hours and then give away hours to another recipient. In order to get credit, a recipient must email the EJF lawmail ( account with (1)their name, (2) date of the CPS, (3) name of the firm and (4) an affirmation that they submitted the form to the firm."

Thanks and good luck with your callbacks!

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