Thursday, October 21, 2010

Silent Auction Prizes: Student Services

Your fellow students have made some generous donations of their own services - from personal baking, to rides to the airport, to guitar lessons! Bidding is only open for one more week, so take a look at these great prizes and make your bids soon.

Catalog Number - Prize
G1 - Bartending Service at any social gathering
G2 - Homemade Earl Grey Chocolate Cake
G3 - Tarot Card Reading
G4 - One baked good per month for 4 months
G5 - 5 hours of 1L tutoring
G6 - 5 hours of 1L tutoring
G7 - 5 hours of 1L tutoring
G8 - Vegan Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles
G9 - 2 dozen fiction novels
G10 - Dozen baked goods of your choice
G11 - Guitar or Cooking Lesson
G12 - Juggling Lessons
G13 - Knitted Coffee Sleeve
G14 - Martial Arts Training
G15 - Costco Trip
G16 - Arabic lessons
G17 - Homemade Pie
G18 - Bhangra lessons
G19 - Cookies
G20 - Bike tune-up
G21 - Mandarin lessons
G22 - Chocolate treats basket
G23 - Grocery Trip
G24 - Portrait photography
G25 - Spanish translation
G26 - Vegetarian lunch
G27 - Costco Trip
G28 - Vegetarian food
G29 - Homemade Lasagna and Cheesecake from scratch
G30 - Homemade Mexican Salsa
G31 - Punjabi or Urdu lessons
G32 - 4 quarts of ridiculously amazing chocolate coconut ice cream, vegan-style.
G33 - 2 hours of beginner or intermediate salsa lessons
G34 - Ride to the grocery store
G35 - Two course vegetarian dinner for you and a friend
G36 - Drinks on the town with an eligible first-year law student
G37 - Guitar Lessons
G38 - Tax return preparation
G39 - Furniture moving
G40 - Starcraft 2 tutoring
G41 - Trader Joe's trip
G42 - Plumbing services
G43 - Two fruit pies
G44 - Magic lesson
G45 - Outline for Professor Spann's Contracts class
G46 - Outline for Professor Abernathy's Civ Pro class
G47 - Ride to or from the airport
G52 - Costco/Grocery Trip

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