Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Live Auction Prizes: Updated

We gave you a sneak peek last week, but here are the rest of the exciting prizes you can bid on at the Live Auction this Thursday.

Note: If a prize is designed for a large group of students and you would like help finding other students to conduct a joint bid, please email ejf@law.georgetown.edu - we can help!

Catalog number - Prize
L8 - Drinks for 4 with David Lat and Elie Mystal from Above the Law
P13 - Gourmet Picnic for Six atop Old Rag with Pete Wales
P14 - Bking tour and picnic to Mt. Vernon with Professor Sellers
P15 - Dinner or lunch for two at an Indian Restaurant with Brian Wolfman
P16 - Spanish Conversation and Lunch for 3 at either Jaleo downtown or on a sailboat on the Potomac with Pablo Molina
L9 - SuperBowl Tickets from the National Football League
Pkg. L10 - One Night Weekend Stay at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel
Pkg. L10 - $35 Gift Card from York Flowers
Pkg. L10 - 2 tickets to Shear Madness from York Flowers
P17 - Afternoon sailing for 2 with Russell Stevenson
P18 - Curry and Careers with Gihan Fernando
P19 - Baseball Game with Prof. Louis Michael Seidman
P20 - Cocktails for 10 (plus significant others) with Viet Dinh
P21 - Dinner for 10 with with The Honorable Laurence Silberman
P22 - Movie and dinner for 6 with Julie Ross and Rima Sirota
P23 - Beer Tasting for 6 with Peter Byrne
P24 - Feminist Law Professor Dinner with Jane Aiken, Robin West, and Deborah Epstein
P25 - Home Cooked Meal for 5 with Dean Bailin
P26 - Kayak Trip for 4 with Rick Roe
P27 - Tour of Local Prison or Juvenile Detention Facility with Rick Roe
L11 - Justice Souter bobblehead
L12 - Justice Scalia bobblehead
P28 - Tennis with Prof. Julie Ross for 3 students
P29 - Dinner for 3 with Peter Edelman
P30 - Dinner for 6 students at Kellari Taverna with Professors Tsoukala and Short
P31 - Lunch at Bistro Bis for 4 students with David Cole, Wally Mlyniec, Barbara Moulton
P32 - Lunch in Chinatown for 6 with Professors Schrag and Schoenholtz
P33 - Georgetown Men's Basketball Game for 4 with Professor Randy Barnett

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Great updates for live auction. Nice list of catalogs.

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