Thursday, October 22, 2009

Silent Auction Prizes- Student Donations

Prize Number & Description

S 800 6 Hours of Spanish Lessons & Dinner at Central American Restaurant

S 801 1 hour Portugese lesson and Caprhinha making lesson.

S 802 1 hr Tennis Lesson

S 803 1hr Arabic Lesson

S 804 Grocery run to Trader Joe's in Foggy Bottom

S 805 3hrs of French Lessons

S 806 2hrs Farsi Lessons

S 807 Afternoon with ICE including lunch

S 808 Personal Shopping Assistant/Stylist

S 809 3 Course meal for 4

S 810 Dinner during Finals for 2

S 811 Dozen Baked Goods

S 812 Guitar Lesson

S 813 Guiness Chocolate Bread Pudding

S 814 3 Course Meal

S 815 2 hr Yoga lesson for 1 or a Couple

S 816 Ride to Airport

S 817 Music Lessons

S 818 Grown Girl Brownies for 3-4

S 819 Grocery Run

S 820 Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookies

S 821 Chocolate Earl Gray Cake

S 822 Battlestar Galactica Toaster

S 823 Used Toaster

S 824 Brunch for 4-6

S 825 Squash Lessons

S 826 3 Rides to/from NW or Pentagon City

S 827 Bicycle Tune Up

S 828 Tour of the White House West Wing

S 829 Cookie of the Month Club

S 830 Custom Knit Hat

S 831 Homemade pumpkin and pecan pies

S 832 Skiing Lessons

S 833 Song

S 834 Racquetball lessons

S 835 2 Knit Wool Stocking Caps

S 836 Three Course Meal for Two

S 837 Babysitting

S 838 Air Band at Java Hut

S 839 Brownies

S 840 One pound of Alterra Coffee Roasters

S 841 Dinner with DC Jesuit Volunteer Corps

S 842 Tattoo

S 843 Vegan Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

S 844 Flute lessons

S 845 Baked Goods

S 846 Photo Print

S 847 Babysitting

S 848 Cookies

S 849 Banana Bread

S 850 Dinner and Wine for 2-4

S 851 Guitar lessons

S 852 Petsitting

S 853 Black Forest Cake

S 854 Jewish Talks

S 855 One Dozen Cupcakes

S 856 Dog walking

S 857 Baked Goods Monthly

S 858 Lessons in Logic

Please check back for new additions!

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