Wednesday, April 14, 2010

National Council on Aging, Washington, D.C.

by Dave Goldstein

At the end of May, I will begin an internship at the National Council on Aging, a non-profit service and advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. Some of NCOA’s main advocacy efforts are aimed at promoting policies that will improve life-long health and economic security for older Americans. Among the many ways that NCOA works toward bringing about these policy changes are collaboration with organization across multiple sectors and grassroots work that lets individuals voice their concerns to a national audience, including the government. At NCOA, I will be working on public policy and advocacy issues relating to health care, an area in which I have a bit of experience, and a great deal of interest in.

This is a particularly exciting time to work on public policy issues for NCOA because of the recent passage of health care reform by Congress. I think that my work will be very relevant and helpful to people who are struggling to find out what health care reform means for them. One of NCOA’s major projects in the coming months will be reviewing the changes made to health care laws and determining what effect these changes will have on the benefits that millions of older Americans receive every year. In helping to research and identify these changes, I hope to contribute to people’s understanding of the benefits they are entitled to and the standards that employers, and all levels of government will be held to.

Interning at NCOA will provide me with an excellent opportunity to gain experience in an organization where the legal and political worlds intersect. During my internship, I will have the opportunity to attend congressional hearings and represent NCOA at forums throughout the city. Additionally, I will have a personal summer-long project assigned to me once my internship start. While interning, I hope to learn skills that will help me both scholastically and professionally. However, it is equally important to me that my work benefits the lives of the people NCOA serves.

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