Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Student Donated Prizes!

These prizes have been donated by your fellow students. These will be in one binder with each item corresponding to the number you see below.

Many great gifts and services have been donated, like this handmade raku vase!

Remember to check back for daily prize updates!

Student Donated Prizes

876- Joyce Adams ---Ride to Dulles Airport
885- Sue Bai ---Traditional Korean Dinner for 4
858- Elizabeth Bartlett ---2L Class Registration Walkthrough
859- Elizabeth Bartlett ---Ride to/from BWI
849- Alex Berg ---Birthday Cake with Singing Telegram
826- Maury Birdwell ---Rock Climbing Day Trip
883- Shiva Bodhireddy ---Guitar Hero Party
838- Sam Buffone ---Catered Sports Party
827- Anna Carpenter ---Chocolate Chip Cookies or Swedish Pancake Lesson
865- Patricia Casey ---Decadent Chocolate Cake
831- Courtney Cherry ---Closet Organization
860- Eric Cochran ---Ride to School for a Week
828- Brian Corcoran ---Piano Lessons - 3hrs
836- Bria DeSalvo ---Sign Language or Baby Sign Lessons - 2hrs
856- Colleen Dixon ---Desert of the Month Club - 6 Months
869- Will Drake ---3 Car Washings
843- Becky Dumas ---Hand-Delivered Coffee for a Week
847- Seth Engel ---2 French Lessons
848- Seth Engel ---2 Personal Training/Weightlifting Sessions
857- Julia Fish ---Cookie of the Month Club - 4 Months
880- Julia Fish ---Cookie-of-the-Month Club
879- Mara Gassmann ---Babysitting
868- Steve Giballa ---4-Course Greek Dinner for 4-6
866- Riley Graebner ---Overseas Job Application and Resume Review
867- Riley Graebner ---Romanian Lessons
820- Kayleen Hartman ---4 Hours of Babysitting
833- Katherine Hayes ---Cake or Cupcakes for a Friend
844- Alexandra Hilland Laural Fedder ---Fresh Baked Goods - Delivered for 4 Weeks
832- Anne Howard ---Soup and Homemade Bread for 6
816- Kimberley Hunter ---Vegetarian Dinner for 4
850- Rebecca Janz ---Crochet Model of a Hyperbolic Plane
862- Kia Joyner ---Busy Brunch Table Grab
824- Wiline Justilien ---Blockbuster Movies Online
818- Mischere Kawas ---Creative Babysitting
881- Alicia Kelman ---Finals Care Package
851- Jin Kim ---Korean Lessons - 10hrs
853- Roseanne Lazer ---30-Minute Massage
852- Lori Leibowitz ---Homemade Pottery Vase
841- Sheri Linzell ---Homemade Banana Bread - 2 Loaves
864- Olivia Lynch ---Vegan Cupcakes with Cookbook
822- Bryan Marcelino ---Portuguese Lessons - 10hrs
839- Laura Maul ---Racquetball Lessons - 3hrs
884- Eric Mittereder ---Carrot Cake
846- Andrew Moore ---3 Trips to Costco
829- Sarah Nealon ---Home-Baked Cake
830- Sarah Nealon ---Platter of Assorted Breakfast Pastries OR Large Coffee Cake
845- Veronica Ng ---Hershey Double-Layer, Double Choclate Cake
817- Lisa Pearlstein ---Insider's Look at WriteOn, IEW, Callbacks, or 2L Class-Selection
854- Lee Melvin ---Peralta Flourless Chocolate Torte
819- Julia Pergola ---4 Hours of Babysitting
834- Jessica Pfisterer ---Walking Your Dog for a Week
837- Elizabeth Plimpton and Caroline Rose ---Dinner & Dessert for 2
877- Anya Prince ---Birthday Cake/Brownies
821- Tally Pucher ---Gewirz Apartment Cleaning
878- Jessica Rappaport ---Apple Raisin Pie
840- Jessica Sawyer ---Delivered Bake Goods - 2 Orders
882- Maulik Shah ---Full Indian Dinner
861- Jess Sheer ---Itinerary Planning for Spain/Italy Trip
863- Marc Sorel ---3 Jazz Piano Lessons
825- Erika Stallings ---Personal Shopping
835- Cristina Stella ---Rubic's Cube Lesson
823- Alayna Stone ---Last Day of Classes Care Package
855- Nick Wexler ---3 Guitar Lessons
842- R. Felder Williams ---Pennsylvania Pig-Pickin' Cake
872- Etan Yeshua ---Piano Lessons
870- GULC ---Christmas gift wrapping
871- GULC ---EJF Phonebanking
873- GULC ---French Lessons
874- GULC ---Professional Portrait
875- GULC ---Ride to Reagan Airport

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