Monday, July 28, 2008

Alaska Legal Services

Daniel Carson is working as a summer associate for Alaska Legal Services in Anchorage.

ALS is a non profit organization that provides legal aid to those who can't afford legal help. I have been pleasantly surprised with the type of work I have been exposed to and the people whom I have been working with. I highly recommend anyone in the future to work here.
I have had a lot of exposure to different types & sizes of cases from minor landlord-tenant rights to a statewide class action suit against the state of Alaska which is on appeal with the Alaska Supreme Court. I have been busy with research and doing other various litigation work such as drafting discovery and calling witnesses. The funnest part of that work has been doing detective sleuthing; for instance by going out to a cabin to look around and by calling around and asking questions to the water testing lab and neighbors and so on.

Living in Alaska is certainly like nothing else in the rest of the U.S. You feel very separated and you feel like you are on the edge of the world. It doesn't get dark in the summer and it's hard at first to fall asleep. I stopped riding my bike to work after almost being stomped by a moose with her calves and after reading in the paper of a grizzly bear mauling of a bicyclist on the edge of town, nearby from
where I am staying for the summer. On the weekends I am able to "escape" the town and head south to the Kenai Peninsula for some fishing or hiking with co-workers; the scenery & wildlife is amazing. I feel extremely grateful to the Equal Justice Foundation and would like to thank the Equal Justice Foundation for the opportunity to be able to accept this position in Alaska.

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